Operations are yearly computer science, cryptography, and mathematics focused challenges not for the faint of heart.

01 Operation

Releases January 16 00:00:00 GMT yearly regardless of previous operation status.

16 Clues

Solve all 16 clues to complete the operation.

01 Winner

Complete the operation first and win a prize box only available to 1 person per year.

Operation Info



operation progress:

All players in operation 012 will be issued 2 unique keys stored locally; a public user id and a secret identifier key. When a player completes a clue first their public user id will be labeled above in operation progress. Players should be careful not to give out their secret key as anyone would be able to imitate them. For verification purposes we have opened an api endpoint for players to use to confirm to others they are who they say - documentation can be found here.

To discourage brute force methods, a player may only see a clue if they have completed all previous clues which is tracked with a progress token. Players may also be throttled or temporarily locked if brute force methods are detected. With all of these precautions in place we are fairly confident no players will be at an advantage for using such methods.



Operation 011 launched in summer of 2017 as our first public operation. Our goal for 011 was to learn how players navigate challenges, process information, and share data with other members of the community. Throughout the nearly 3 years of work on the project we were able to trace the majority of issues back to the following problems:

  • Unknown number of clues or defined ending

    With 011 being our first public challenge we chose to continue adding new clues to learn how our players reacted to an undefined operation length or goal. We learned pretty quickly that this leads to poor player retention and often times duplication of effort as new players joined the game. In all future operations there will be exactly 16 clues increasing in complexity.

  • No definitive winner via progress tracking

    Because each clue in op011 had a single access key with no progress tracking, there was no way to capture a single player as the winner of any given clue. Because we had no method of recording a definitive winner we couldn't begin to consider rewards. All new operations have the ability to record exactly who completes an operation first.

  • No rewards or incentive to conceal answers

    Similar to the above problem, op011 gave players very few reasons to not share every bit of knowledge with every other player as soon as they could. We believe operations are more rewarding (regardless of speed) when players get to work through challenges individually or in smaller groups. Moving forward there will be a single winner for each released operation - winners will receive a 1 of a kind prize box and access to our OPCO secure message server.


Operations 000-010 were internal tests, many of the clues were reused in op011.